central law

José de la Peña

Attorney at CENTRAL LAW in Guatemala, with a Degree in Legal and Social Science, Attorney at Law and Notary Public graduated from Universidad Rafael Landivar de Guatemala and Master degree in Business and Maritime Law, at Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, organized by the Instituto Marítimo Español, in Madrid, Spain.

Currently Director of the Maritime Department and his professional practice is focused in providing an integral service in the areas of maritime law, ground and air transportation law, assurance and reassurance of transportation law, logistic services, procedural law, arbitration, finance as well as purchase agreements of cargo boats and recreational ships.

Author of “The necessity to regulate the illegal carrying of false documents and/or extension of the article 325 of the (guatemalan) Criminal Code”; and “Implementation of the Short Sea Shipping in Central America, using Puerto Quetzal as a hub of maritime transportation.” He is an active member of the Guatemalan Bar Association.

Has participated in different international congresses, such as: “Conference on Air Law, which took place in Universidad Carlos III, in Madrid Spain.”

He has worked at the Guatemalan court house, as a consulting officer in different branches, such as criminal and civil law.

His native language is Spanish, and he also speaks English.