Guide to an effective labor inmigration in Guatemala

We begin by reporting that on September 20, 2016, the Congress of the Republic of Guatemala approved Decree 44-2016 containing the new Immigration Code. This legislation became recently effective, and repeals the previous law dating back to 1998. At present, immigration authorities and related departments, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Bureau of Statistics, the Ministry of Labor, and others, are carrying out the implementation of this new legislation, which should be fully implemented in a 6 to 12-month period.

Renewable Energy, a trend or an opportunity?

For a few weeks now, when talking about the question posed by the title of this short article, I often hear that renewable energies are not just a trend, but a trend that has already seen the last of its days in El Salvador. When asking about this position, arguments usually revolve around the following conclusion: "Megawatt prices are no longer attractive enough as they were before."

M&A in Latin America: New Opportunities in a changing escenario

Piero Rusconi Bolaños, senior associate lawyer at CENTRAL LAW El Salvador and Claudia Serra Nova, partner at CENTRAL LAW Dominican Republic, attended the IBA Conference “M&A in Latin America, New Opportunities in a changing scenario”...