Sanitary Registrations as an essential part in the operation of a given sector of growing businesses.

For Companies dedicated to the production and/or commercialization of food, nutritional, natural, pharmaceutical and related products, cosmetics, hygiene, veterinary, insecticides, among others, the issue of Sanitary Registrations goes from being an option to a priority requirement in order to import, export and market those products in countries where there is a commercial interest.

“Progress made by the Legal Digest in Nicaragua”

On September 3 this year, Mrs. María Auxiliadora Acosta, General Director of the Legal Digest of the National Assembly, along with her work team, delivered a lecture on the current status of the Legal Digest and challenges.

Patrimonial rights – Property law

I will write about a case I became involved with before the Constitutional Chamber when I had barely resigned as secretary of said Chamber but now, with some doctrinal interest that somehow relates to the subject matter that deals with the access to the constitutional jurisdiction, in summary to its competence.