A New Civil Procedure Code of Nicaragua Was Published

Today Friday, October 9, the Official Gazette published-through a special number- the Gazette No. 191 containing the Law No. 902 Civil Procedure Code of the Republic of Nicaragua, which repeals our former Code of Civil Procedure, which is over a hundred years of legal force.

Partner from CENTRAL LAW Nicaragua elected Vice-President at AACCLA

Yali Molina Palacios was elected today in Washington D.C. as Vice-president at the Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America (“AACCLA”), which represents more than twenty thousand American businesses in partnership with the US Chamber of Commerce along with its three millions affiliated.

What are ZEDE in Honduras?

The Employment and Economic Development Zones (in Spanish, ZEDE) are defined by ZEDE Law as an inalienable part of the State of Honduras and are subject to the Constitution of the Republic and the national government on issues related to sovereignty, application of justice, territory, national defense, foreign relations, electoral issues, issuance of identity cards and passports.

How is the franchise agreement regulated under Honduran law?

According to the Honduran laws, the franchise agreement (Franchising) is an atypical contract not governed by the Commercial Code, but that can perfectly be held in our country because the Code of Commerce provides that "the parties are free to determine the content of contracts within the limits imposed by Law.