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Comprehensive Legal Counsel

Home Practice Areas
Home Practice Areas

Comprehensive Legal Counsel

CENTRAL LAWis the leading legal consultancy firm in the region. We offer an ample variety of areas of practice that are completely developed by an experienced and innovative team. We have offices in Central America, Panama, and the Dominican Republic.

Public-private partnerships

At CENTRAL LAW we help our clients to improve and facilitate their businesses' investments and operations through the use of innovative Public-Private Association (PPA) business models.


At CENTRAL LAW we offer legal counsel for the establishment and operation of air transport companies.

Banking and Finance

At CENTRAL LAW, one of our goals is to help our clients optimize the financial profitability of their equity and other interests.

Real Estate Law

AtCENTRAL LAWwe advise our clients on all areas from the negotiation process to finalizing the purchase, including the prior inspection of the property, the purchase and sale, agreements, services of guaranteed deposits, title transfer, mortgages, guarantee deeds, taxes, and existing lawsuits involving the property.

International Commerce

CENTRAL LAW we capitalize on the experience of our specialized professionals in International Commerce, in order to improve and start new business practices under different treaties that benefit the region, such as CAFTA-DR.

Antitrust and Competition Law

AtCENTRAL LAWwe offer local and international companies our specialized consultation in procedures related to free competition, unfair competition, and consumer protection.

Public Law

AtCENTRAL LAWwe provide comprehensive counsel to our domestic and foreign clients in all areas related to Public Administration.

Civil law

AtCENTRAL LAWwe have ample experience in matters related to civil order, and we know about the difficulties that can arise in this area in the daily activities of our clients, whether they are physical or legal persons.

Constitutional law

AtCENTRAL LAWwe provide consulting services in actions of unconstitutionality against rules that are not in alignment with the Political Constitution, as well as Protection recourses and legal opinions related to matters of constitutionality.

Corporate law

AtCENTRAL LAWwe provide consulting and assistance to different corporate clients within a wide range of areas, which facilitates the daily development of companies and is indispensable for them to function properly.

Labor and employment law

AtCENTRAL LAWwe understand that the legal conditions relating to employment are of utmost importance.

Maritime Law

AtCENTRAL LAWwe offer comprehensive legal and technical consulting in any subject related to Maritime law. We work to help issue concessions for marine operations, and we deal with procedures while keeping the specific regulations of each country in mind.

White Collar Crime

AtCENTRAL LAWwe are experts in the procedures related to bidding and public competitions.

Energy, Mining and Infrastructure

At CENTRAL LAW we have a solid reputation for developing consultation related to environmental law, natural resources, energy, and infrastructure, for which we have studied and analyzed national and international regulations.

Non-profit entities

At CENTRAL LAW we offer comprehensive consulting for Non-Profit Entities, which incorporates different areas of the Law, going hand-in-hand with the provision of specific consulting related to objectives, aims, and the needs of non-profit entities.


At CENTRAL LAW we help clients protect their rights when developing and structuring franchising systems, which is currently one of the most modern and successful commercial plans.

Mergers and Acquisitions

InCENTRAL LAWwe have a wide leadership and expertise in the area of mergers and acquisitions, service we provide to our domestic and overseas customers.

Corporate Governance

The growing tendency towards using the structure and best practices of Corporate Governance is in response to two main motivations: an increase in regulations to guarantee transparency in regulated businesses, and the successful impact of these methods on the long-term health of family businesses and businesses in general.

Food Industry

AtCENTRAL LAWprovide legal counsel in managing food industries from a legal standpoint and an industrial (intellectual) standpoint, covering the registration of products and their labels with the pertinent International registries, and their management.


Our attorneys have ample professional experience and specialized training, which allows them to adequately respond to our clients' tax-related needs.

Immigration Law

AtCENTRAL LAWwe offer general legal counsel for clients and foreign investors who are interested in obtaining temporary or permanent residence in any country in the region, Panama, or the Dominican Republic, as well as on matters related to immigration and repatriation of citizens.

Intellectual property, health registries

AtCENTRAL LAWwe assist our clients in protecting their industrial property and copyrights.

Insurance and Reinsurance

The opening of the insurance market brings with it opportunities in all of the areas of Insurance Law.

Telecommunications and Data Protection

The need to use new technologies in the corporate world has given rise to regulation in areas like Telecommunications, Electronic Administration, Private Data Protection, and Regulation of Audiovisual Methods.

Real Estate and Tourism

The tourism industry has become a motor for development in the region of Central America and the Caribbean.

Foreign investment - free trade

CENTRAL LAWadvises clients that wish to access markets in Central America, Panama and Dominican Republic according to the local legal framework. This includes advising clients of international norms established by Free Trade Agreements (FTA) and laws enacted to provide an incentive for foreign investment.