Where are multinational companies sending their employees?

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Where are multinational companies sending their employees?

Where are multinational companies sending their employees? Featured

Working overseas offers many exciting opportunities for people of all ages, especially younger people who are not tied down to family and community. A person can select the country to relocate to as well as the length of time for the overseas assignment. Young, talented workers wishing to live abroad for a year or more are in high demand and short supply so getting a job with a multinational company and working in a foreign country could be an excellent opportunity to further your career and see the world in the process.

There are several ways to approach working in the foreign country of your choice. The safest way is to get a job in your native country with a company that offers overseas employment. There are many websites that list the companies that have overseas branches and it you can email them to narrow down the opportunities that exist currently in other countries. If you currently have a job you can enquire about foreign employment opportunities from your human resources department.

Other companies hire directly into other foreign nations. The jobs website has a special section that has identified a handful of companies to apply to that offer relocation as a condition of employment. The fields of specialization where firms are hiring range from marketing and public relations to aviation, health care and more. You can find a complete list of the companies with descriptions and contact phone numbers and emails at

According to an article written for Monster, multinational giant General Electric is hiring for those who wish to live abroad in the U.K., Nigeria, and China. Consumer products manufacturer Mars Inc., has opportunities in Brazil, India, and Mexico. Food, candy, and water bottling company Nestle's is looking for individuals willing to relocate to Switzerland, Brazil, and Canada. And this just scratches the surface of the companies that offer opportunities to live and work abroad. No matter what your field or country of choice, if you dig deep enough we are sure you can find the perfect job abroad.

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