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Nicaragua held the VI International Tobacco Festival

From January 16 to 20, 2017, Nicaragua hosted representatives from 30 countries, including The Netherlands, Romania, China, Italy, and Turkey, to celebrate the “Puro Sabor” VI International Tobacco Festival. The event took place in the cities of Masaya, Granada and, mainly, in Estelí, where the biggest cigar producers of the country are based.

Juan Ignacio Martínez, president of the Nicaraguan Tobacco Chamber, explained that the purpose of the visit was to promote Nicaraguan tobacco and to open new markets.

Hand-made cigars, known as Premium Cigars, are exported to approximately 80 countries, and 2017 exports of this product are expected to amount to US$ 200 billion.

Attendees, mostly traders of Nicaraguan cigars, were delighted to see directly the quality work of the product.

Omar D’Frias, owner of the American brand Frat Ello Cigar, with over 600 sales points where Nicaraguan cigars are sold, highlighted that, as owner of a high-caliber brand, quality is fundamental for him.

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