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  Food processing and manufacturing: the importance of registering a mark and a product

There are a great many legal aspects of food manufacturing and processing in Central America from customs regimes for importing and exporting food products to legal counsel for matters related to hiring food processing personnel. The attorneys at Central Law provide legal counsel in all aspects of food industry management including registration of food products, trademarks and labels with the appropriate international registries.

Registering Food-Related Trademarks

A trademark is defined as any mark, word, graphic illustration or combination thereof that distinguishes your product or service. When registering food products, countries have set up special Sanitary Registries that handle food processing-related issues such as manufacturing, processing, storage, transportation, packaging, and the registration of food products. It is critical that your Central American food processing attorney is familiar with the registration requirements and procedures unique to each country. CENTRAL LAW assists corporate and individual food processing customers in filing their trademark applications including those relating to food processing and manufacturing, at the trademark office on a country by country basis. We have studied the requirements unique to each country and will confidently present your information before the country or organization where you are seeking to register your trademark. We are well aware that each country has separate registration requirements as well as differing lengths of time that the trademark is valid. Once a trademark is granted we review it for accuracy, detail by detail, and present our findings to our client.

Registering a strong trademark should also include protection from infringement.

The first step is to see if anyone else is already using a food trademark that is similar to yours. If so you'll need to contact your expert lawyer.

Call the Central American lawyers at CENTRAL LAW which team of food processing and manufacturing attorneys is expert in the subject regarding registering your food brand. For more info contactThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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