Regional News

  1. Dominican Republic to Join SICA
  2. Panama: General Banking License Granted to Banco Delta
  3. Costa Rica: Passive Base Rate Stays at 6.95
  4. Insurance Market up 14% in Nicaragua
  5. Honduras: Ficohsa Completes Purchase of Citibank
  6. $18 million in Deals at El Salvador - Venezuela Business Conference
  7. Guatemala: $25 Million for 14 MW Plant
  8. Panama: Another $450 million for Canal
  9. Congress for Free Zone Companies in Costa Rica
  10. Nicaragua to Import 73,000 MT of White Maize
  11. Honduras Seeks Maintenance for Fighter Aircraft
  12. El Salvador: Businesses Demand Fiscal Responsibility Law
  13. Cost of Tax Consultancy for Guatemala
  14. Securities market regulators seek ways to expand
  15. Canal Expansion: 8 Out of 16 Gates now ready
  16. Security of Investments in Costa Rica
  17. Nicaragua: Discussion on GM Crops
  18. Honduras: Customs Law Reform
  19. El Salvador and Canada Negotiate "Open Skies" agreement
  20. Guatemala: International Audit for Fiscal Management
  21. Analysis of Possible Expansion of Panama - Dominican Republic
  22. Panama - Colombia Electrical Interconnection Refloated
  23. Costa Rica: Businessmen Happy with China
  24. Market Supports Grand Canal of Nicaragua
  25. Changes to Biofuels Law in Honduras
  26. El Salvador Joins Petrocaribe
  27. Ray of Hope Over Guatemalan Bureaucracy
  28. Guatemala: Leading Rate Maintained at 4.75%
  29. Analysis of Possible Expansion of Panama - Dominican FTA
  30. Panama: Investment in Logistics Fuels
  31. A Good Sign From the New Government of Costa Rica
  32. Nicaragua: Extension of Deadlines for Geothermal Concessions
  33. Honduras Awards for Repair Work at El Cajon Hydroelectric Station
  34. El Salvador: Changes Promised in Tax Reform Bill
  35. Nicaragua. Improvements in Macroeconomic Statistics
  36. Insurance Market in Costa Rica
  37. Nicaragua: New Forestry Law
  38. Banco Azul prepares to open in July 2014
  39. Fiscal pact should promote the rise of new industries
  40. Banco Etcheverría requests permission to enter Panama
  41. China would invest in economic zones in Costa Rica
  42. Growth of financial investments
  43. Wind power takes place in Honduras with a wind farm in the southern region
  44. No more visas to Costa Rica for Russian tourists